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Whether you're building a custom branded shipping software or looking for ways to extend karrio server, the following guide will help you achieve your goals.

Karrio comes with a set of product that can be used to integrate shipping capabilities to your apps. Developers can use the APIs to create a tailored shipping experience for customers.

To that end, karrio exposes:

  • REST - Interact with carrier services and create standardize shipping data.
  • GraphQL - Manage your shipping data and customize your fulfilment process.


The karrio shipping API is powered by REST. Rather than dealing with non-standardized, often poorly documented carrier webservices and arcane technologies such as SOAP. karrio proposes a unified and intuitive REST API compatible with all supported carriers services.


karrio exposes a set of REST API resources. The full references are accessible at /openapi/ with the description of all APIs from your browser.


You can download the karrio OpenAPI specification to quickly familiarize yourself with the REST API and perform example requests by importing it in tools such as Insomnia or Postman


karrio leverage a GraphQL API to expose access to shipping related objects data available in the system. GraphQL is a query language that allows clients to talk to an API server. Unlike REST, it gives the client control over how much or how little data they want to request about each object and allows relations within the object graph to be traversed easily.

To learn more about GraphQL language and its concepts, see the official GraphQL website.

The API endpoint is available at /graphql/ and requires queries to be submitted using HTTP POST method and the application/json content type.


karrio exposes an interactive GraphQL editor under /graphql/, allowing access to the GraphQL API from your browser.

GraphQL Playground is an external interactive editor for your GraphQL queries. It is based on Graphiql and accessible through the web browser.

Using Playground is easy and intuitive with its sidebar navigation contain a listing of all operations available in the API. The Playground allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the GraphQL API, perform example operations, and send your first queries.

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