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Karrio is adopting the sponsorware release strategy, which means that new features are first exclusively released to sponsors as part of Insiders. Read on to learn what sponsorships achieve, how to become a sponsor to get access to Insiders, and what's in it for you!

What is Insiders?

Karrio Insiders is a private fork of Karrio, hosted as a private GitHub repository. Almost all new features are developed as part of this fork, which means that they are immediately available to all eligible sponsors, as they are made collaborators of this repository.

Every feature is tied to a funding goal in monthly subscriptions. When a funding goal is hit, the features that are tied to it are merged back into Karrio and released for general availability, making them available to all users. Bugfixes are always released in tandem.

Sponsorships start as low as $25 a month

What sponsorships achieve

Sponsorships make this project sustainable, as they buy the maintainers of this project time – a very scarce resource – which is spent on the development of new features, bug fixing, stability improvement, issue triage and general support. The biggest bottleneck in Open Source is time.

What do you get with Insiders?

The moment you become a sponsor, you'll get immediate access to additional features that you can start using now, and which are currently exclusively available to sponsors:

  • Multi-tenant
  • Advanced team and permissions managment
  • Shipping workflow (alpha)
  • Shipping rules (soon)
  • Orders CSV imports and batch fulfilment (soon)
  • Shipments CSV imports and batch tracking (soon)
  • Carrier billing management and consolidation (soon)

How to become a sponsor

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring! In order to become an eligible sponsor with your GitHub account, visit karrios's sponsor profile, and complete a sponsorship of $25 a month or more. You can use your individual or organization GitHub account for sponsoring.

Important: If you're sponsoring @karrioapi through a GitHub organization, please send a short email to with the name of your organization and the GitHub account of the individual that should be added as a collaborator.

You can cancel your sponsorship anytime


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