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With karrio carrier connections, you can get live quotes and purchase shipping labels using the karrio API. The web app uses karrio' API to streamline manual shipping processes.

The typical manual shipping process flow is

  • Get live rates
  • Choose a preferred rate
  • Buy a label
  • Print a label

Get Live rates

Karrio can get live rates for your shipments from all the carrier accounts you have registered and enabled.

To get live rates:
  1. Go to the Shipments section.
  2. Click Create Label.
  3. Fill in the shipping details (shipper address, recipient address, parcel measurements...).
  4. Click Fetch Rates.

You can always go back to edit any shipment details or add options and refresh the rates.

Buy a label

You can generate (buy) labels from all supported carriers once you know your prefered rate and service.

To buy a label:
  1. Go to the Shipments > Create Label section.
  2. Select you prefered rate.
  3. Click Buy.

You can print labels from all shipments that have already been purchased.

To print a label:
  1. Go to the Shipments section.
  2. Click Print Label on the action dropdown.


Declare Customs info

For international shipment fulfilments, you will need to fill customs declaration information to insure safe passage at the border and duty control centers.

To declare customs info:
  1. Go to the Shipments > Create Label > Customs Info section.
  2. Make sure to fill in all relevant information.

Cancel a shipment

You can always cancel a shipment and void a label if the shipment has not been picked up by carriers.

To cancel a shipment:
  1. Go to the Shipments section.
  2. Click Cancel Shipment on the action dropdown.

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